TLV Global Media Summit 2022

The first Tel Aviv Global Media Summit successfully took place on November 22, 2022 and welcomed more than 150 Israeli global marketers from Israel and the world.

During this Summit moderated by Israeli TV presenter, Sharon Kidon, we learned how much the metaverse is going to be a major part of our lives in the coming years. And how to supercharge our brand through partnership with the biggest media outlets Warner Bros Discovery, RTL and Gruner+Jahr, and create relevant content for addressing different cultures all around the world. The new study “New Life of the Living Room” by RTL was presented to better understand how people consume video content. This survey shook up many stereotypes.

We discovered the untold Wolt Story in Germany and Israel. Wolt being one of the most fascinating brands that has created a deep behavioral change in the consumer market.

eToro’s CMO shared his secrets to combine performance and creativity. As for representatives of Les Echos Le Parisien and, we reached the point that B2B Marketing can be no less creative than B2C.

To conclude the conference day, the Israeli actor, writer and director Guri Alfi, shared some insights about his daily work as content creator in Israel and the US.



Sharon Kidon

Radio and TV Anchor, Moderator

Virginie Heloin

Vice President Brand Solutions
Warner Bros Discovery

Jean Baptiste Moggio

Head of Marketing Division
RTL AdAlliance

Nicolas Latour

Managing Director
Digital University DDB° Group

Katrin Adler

Director Worldwide sales office
Gruner + Jahr

Tony Giordani

Head of Brand Solutions
RTL AdAlliance

Nicolas Grivon

Associate Director International
Les Echos Le Parisien Medias

Nir Szmulewicz

Chief Marketing Officer

Armelle Haim

Founder & CEO

Amit Margalit

Brand Marketing, Brand Management, Campaign Management
Wolt Germany

Yossi Erdman

Head of Marketing
Wolt Israel

Jonny Steel

VP Marketing

Guy Shriki

Head of Brand Marketing

Guri Alfi

Comedian, Writer, Director